Our Colors

"We work intensly with all our colors in the line up, making sure that every
shade and glow is spot on. All colors are carefully garment dyed into the
product to gain an extra lively feeling of the fabric."

Optical White

As clear as the sky when it's cloudy. The perfect white shade that aren't too hard and flashy and not too cream like. Nothing but the power of neutral.

Limestone Grey

Heavily inspired by the rocky beaches around Denmark. With all the elements making their mark on the rocks over time, leaving them round, cold and salty along the shores.

Faded Pink

This is our take on a faded pink, taking you back to memories of warm southern beaches, where everything is faded by the strong combination of sea salt and sun light. 

Raspberry Pink

Raspberry Pink, the result of our life giving sun at work, leaving comfortable sun touched shades in our streets.

Desert Khaki

Think of dried, sandy and rough, desert environments. Our Desert Khaki is in the darker end of the scale, giving it just the right, powerful appearance.

Burned Yellow

Under the burning sun, surrounded by big bowls of spices and pigments. The burned yellow is meant to look just like that - roasted and burned.

Burned Orange

Our Burned Orange is inspired by colorful buildings, touched by time and weather, leaving them just perfect.

Heather Grey

Taken from the different shades of grey found among a rocky hill side. Our Heather Grey has the perfect balance of these shades.  

Stone Blue

A color heavily inspired by the cold and rocky, winter environment of Scandinavia.

Royal Blue

Just as nice looking as the name implies. The Royal Blue is an all time favorite, suitable for every occasion. 

Scarlet Red

Like the iconic K2 phone kiosks that adorn the streets of London, Scarlet Red with its rich color calls attention and catches your eye.

Lava Grey

A solid mid-grey shade of grey. As tough and raw looking as the name. 

Soft Lavender

Standing in a lavender field, our Soft Lavender resembles just that. A soft soothing purple.

Oxblood Red

The deepest, strongest shade of red. A classic in the line-up, instantly reminding us of raw power.

Faded Mint

From our childhood kitchen garden, faded mint is a sharp, fresh green standing out among the flowerbeds.

Dusty Olive

A tough shade of green, spreading its roots from the plant, to the industrial world.

Hunter Green

Based on the natural, deep, matte shades of forest leafs, the hunter green is our take on a classic green.

Navy Blue

Nothing gets more classic than a true Navy Blue. Inspired by the deep shades of big oceans.

Deep Black

We've put a big effort into the crafting of our Deep Black dye and the result is a well balanced, stable black with a matte feel to it.